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[Notification] Ep 2 "The Poison and the Cure" Early Access Information   [11]

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    Hiya! :)

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    Thank you for waiting.
    As previously announced, Season 2 Early Access of Episode 2 "The Poison and the Cure" will be updated on 9/23 (Fri) at 3:00am (EDT).


    We are deeply sorry for not being able to release as originally promised. Our sincerest apologies for the delay.


    We would appreciate your feedback during the Early Access stage, which we will apply to the Official Release updates in order to provide everyone with an excellent game. 
    We hope you enjoy Episode 2!


    Thank you.

    • Newbie_2265713918022 2016.09.24 14:45
      I am not able to finish this Episode. I think there is a bug when you put the nurse back on the operating table. I just set up the bomb in the sterilizing room. I put the nurse back on the table and then the game stops responding.

      Update: I tried the episode for a second time and this time it worked. I had set up the bomb and the gas and the nurse didn't leave my inventory box, so I assumed I had to out her back on the operation table. It is working now!
    • VSpang 2016.09.26 15:39
      Glad it worked out, and thanks for letting us know!
    • dilara 2016.09.28 15:51
      Wait, how did you do it step by step? I tried doing it but got stuck aswell, trying to put her on the operating table
    • Newbie_2265713918022 2016.09.30 19:30
      Sorry for the late response, I hope you were able to fix the problem. If not, here is what I did step by step.

      First I set up the bomb in the flooring with the thermos and gasoline then add the cloth. After that I go to the next room and take out the cleaning gas by puncturing a hole. You need to put the antiseptic inside the tank now. You need the catheter. Use the catheter and antiseptic in the tank and you need to seal the catheter. It should trigger the nurse staying in the room once the bomb is set up and the antiseptic is sealed. Good luck!
    • Beth 2016.09.28 06:21
      It still says early access on mine for episode 2 and won't be available until November?! I'm so upset... Why can't I play it?!
    • VSpang 2016.09.28 14:47
      Hi Beth, thank you for letting us know. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are looking into this right now. While you wait, we recommend that you try our other game Beyond The Bounds.
    • VSpang 2016.09.29 14:05
      Hello Beth. After you clear Episode 1, you can buy Early Access for Episode 2 with 9 Manda. If you have have problems purchasing Manda, please let us know on our Support Forum. Thank you.
    • Beth 2016.10.02 15:09
      Hi there I'm having issues buying Manda! I've tried 4 times to buy it and the screen goes black and I have to close out the app. Idk why it's doing that but I'm having trouble. :(
    • VSpang 2016.10.02 20:27
      Hi Beth, Can you make sure your app is updated to the latest version? Let us know if you're still having problems!
    • Katricia 2016.10.18 13:12
      When do that new episode comes out idk when it comes out and I'm waiting for a long time to come out can u tell me when it comes out please
    • VSpang 2016.10.19 14:05
      Early Access of Episode 3 will be available next month. We apologize for the delays and thank you for your patience and understanding. We are trying our hardest to deliver awesome episodes as quick as possible!

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