[Notification] W.I Episode update procedure and information on Season pass.

by VSpang posted Aug 29, 2016


Hello Everyone!


Today I would like to give you guys some information regarding White Island update.

Many of you would know White Island Season One is comprised of 13 Episodes per Season. Season One has a prologue followed with 13 Episodes and users can play the first Episode for free with 3 days of wait time otherwise pay Mandas to play right away. With the purchase of Season pass, users can play the pre-released episodes and officially launched episodes without any restrictions.

Below are the details:


# Procedures of 'Early Access' and 'Official Release' 

- Before the episodes get officially released, every episodes go through an early access period.

- To play episodes on Early Access stage, users would need to use Mandas or Season pass.

- During the Early Access stage, feedbacks  (Level of difficulty,graphics,storyline) are welcome by users. 

-W.I development team will incorporate user feedbacks where ever possible in the official release. 

- After the official release,users can either wait three days or use Mandas to play right away. 


# Season 2 Episode Update

- The Season 2 will be comprised of prologue + approximately 12 episodes.

- Season 2 episode updates will happen every four weeks.

- In every four weeks Early Access episodes will be released for now but our dev team is working hard to close the gap.

-Early Access to Official release will also take about four weeks.


#Season pass and Early Access

- Users who have purchased certain episodes in 'Early Access' can also play 'Officially Released' Episodes. 

- With Season pass, users can play both episodes in Early Access and Officially released episodes without any restrictions.

- If you have a Season pass but can't play episodes in Early Access, it's an system error so please leave us a message at our forum support page.


All VisualShower staffs are working to resolve delay issues. We would like to thank all the users for waiting patiently. We will repay with a better story and gaming experience. 


Should you have any questions, email us at cs@visualshower.com or leave us an inquiry under our support page. We will try to respond back within 24 hours. 


Thank you.