1-Year Anniversary★ Character Superlatives Voting Event Results & Winners!!

by VSpang posted Dec 13, 2016

Hello everyone!


We present to you the results for the “Character Superlatives Voting Event” held on Nov. 30 (Wed) – Dec. 8 (Thurs).

We were a little surprised with the results! Let’s see who the most popular characters were below~

(The results are from a combination of global users)



1. Which character really gets on your nerves?


It was a close race between Myung-Sun and Kim Seo, but Myung-Sun made it on top with 36% of your votes.


2. Who do you think will stay alive until the end?


The survivor you picked was… Jae! He has 30% of the votes. I wouldn't mind having him as my bodyguard!


3. Which character would you like to be friends with the most?


Our loveable and adorable Sunny was the winner here with a whopping 51% of your votes!


* The chart below shows up to third place characters for those who are curious

# Character who gets
on your nerves
Chracter who will
stay alive until the end

Character you would
like to be friends with

1 Myung-Sun 36% Jae 30% Sunny 51%
2 Kim Seo 24% Ji Hoon 21% Jae 28%
3 Seo Hyun 19% Seo Hyun 11%

Jina 7%


 Check the list below to see if you were selected as a winner!





[Event Prize]

Starbucks coupon, Amazon coupon, Manda (selected at random)


[Important Info for Winners]

- The event prize will be sent to the email address linked to your game account.

- Please double check your email address!!

- Game App > Settings > Account info > Email Connect/Change > Enter Email and New Password > Connect/Change

- Personal information will only be for sending coupons and will not be used for any other purpose.


[Info Input Period]

Dec. 13 (Tues) – Dec. 18 (Sun)

*Please note that if requested information is not inputted by Dec 18, coupons will not be sent.


[Coupon Delivery Date]

Dec. 20 (Tues)



What plans do you have for the upcoming holidays?

VisualShower is planning a Christmas event, so please check back for more fun!


Thanks again to all who participated in this event!

Have a great day~ :D