#WIS2 in Singapore!!

by BlackRose posted Sep 06, 2016



Have you seen the new video "VisualShower in Singapore"?
Share this video on your Facebook or Instagram page and receive free Mandas that can be used in any of the games by VisualShower!

*Facebook Video => https://www.facebook.com/VisualShowerEN

*Please be advised that this is a special event for users in Singapore only. 

[How to participate]
1) First, find the animation logo of VisualShower from the VisualShower Facebook page. (Search as #WI)
2) Then, share the post on your page.
3) Make sure to include #WIS2 and your nickname in the W.I game on your post. (To claim reward)             
4) You can only participate through Facebook or Instagram.

1) 20 winners will be selected randomly amongst those who indicated #WIS2 in their post.
2) 10 Mandas will be given as a reward which can be used in all games of VisualShower.
3) Winners will be announced via Facebook within 7 days after the event is over.

[How to receive the reward]
Selected winners will receive the reward through the mail box in the app.

Thank you