[Event] Sunny in Midgard? Find out more about the White Island x Blustone collaboration event!

by VSpang posted May 18, 2017



Where in the world is Sunny??
I think she's in... wha- Midgard?!


Hello hunters, we present to you our first Blustone collaboration event!
Don't miss your chance to add Sunny from White Island to your team if you've purchased a White Island Season 2 Pass! Share Sunny's charms with your teammates!


[How to earn Sunny]
-    Check if you have bought the White Island Season 2 Pass
-    Go to the following link and submit your nickname!  http://vsh.kr/0386 
-    Go to the "Hunter Supply Station" in Blustone and receive Sunny under "Special Supplies"


Download "Blustone" in the Google Play Store or App Store if you haven't done so already!

We hope you get to meet Sunny in Blustone soon!