Sunny plz

by Whotisthis posted Apr 04, 2017

So I've been meaning to draw something else before this.... But after finishing S02E06 (Missing Cargo), there was a certain moment that I just..... HAD to react to.


Slight spoilers for those who haven't played this episode yet (but not really??):

White Island_2017-04-02-19-20-54[444].png


White Island_2017-04-02-19-21-02[445].png


White Island_2017-04-02-19-21-02[446].png


wtf sunny 01.png


wtf sunny 02.png


wtf sunny 03.png





Sunny bby.


I love you.


But that was pathetic. There are better women out there for you, just give it time and you will find the one.