by OrangeJuice posted Aug 15, 2017
What!? Official release for ep.8 is in October? Early access for ep.8 was last month, that's a 3 month delay! And the last official release was back in May! I don't have a problem with waiting and I understand your situation, but at this point this is getting annoying. I don't even remember the details of the previous episodes anymore, and the episodes and puzzles have recently felt short and unchallenging (just increasingly annoying to figure out rather then fun stimulation). At this point I'm considering just uninstalling the game altogether and save myself some storage space; as much as I like this game, waiting half a year just for half a hour of gameplay is ridiculous. And if I get early access, all I get is the episode's bare bones until the official release which is still half a year's delay.
Is there any further updates yet?