[Notice] Episode Update Schedule

by VSpang posted Aug 01, 2017

Hello, everyone.


Thank you all for your continued interest for White Island and Beyond the Bounds.

We would like to introduce to you regarding episode updates for White Island Season 2 and BTB Season 1.


First of all, we ask for your understanding for this long waiting period.

As many of you know, we've released a role-playing game, 'Blustone', on top of our game lineup of White Island and BTB on May. We've experienced unavoidable stability issues as we have been providing real-time service, necessary for the RPG genre, to 120 countries without a publisher.


To keep up with its demand, we've prioritized stabilizing Blustone instead of White Island and BTB, which do not require real-time services. With two months in of Blustone's launching, we've determined its service has stabilized. We felt that we cannot ignore White Island and BTB's fans attention much longer, and we will work towards a successful season finale for White Island Season 2 and BTB Season 1.


White Island Season 2 will proceed as the following.

We've made this schedule after much consideration of the time it takes to develop our quality stories, so we hope you understand our decisions.


<White Island Season 2 Episode Update Schedule>

Episode 10 Early Release: Mid-October

Episode 8 Official Release: October 19th

Episode 11 Early Release: Mid-November

Episode 12 Early Release: Early-December

~Additional notice regarding exact dates to come


White Island will have monthly updates starting with Episode 10's Early Release and finish up Season 2 with Episode 12. We hope you look forward to what happened to members of the island from Season 1 and what happened to Hyuntae.



<BTB Season 1 Episode Update Schedule>

Episode 8 Official Release: September 28th

Episode 9 Early Release: Late-October

Episode 10 Early Release: Late-November

Episode 11 Early Release: Late-December

~ Additional notice regarding future episodes and exact dates to come


Beyond the Bounds will also have monthly updates starting with the Episode 8's Official Release and finish Season 1 with 15 episodes. It will be updated faster compared to White Island, but will have its finale late due to its number of episodes. We will find out how Latern and Nene will finally rescue 4994 and how the hunter world started as seen in Blustone.


Last of all, we apologize for the slow updates and we promise to deliver high-quality episodes as much as you've waited for our updates.


Thank you.