Just some bugs on Episode 9 [The Belly of the Beast] (Spoilers)

by Sauron posted Jul 17, 2017
-There is a chance that you will carry 2 laptops around instead of just 1, only occurs when game didn't 'hide' the laptop at the start, doesn't happen frequently.
-You can tap on the glass infinitely with the hammer after destroying the glass that got covered with duct tape and the game will play out the same dialogue every single time as when you hammered it the first time.
-After you grab your first magazine and burn it, proceed to burn it and stomp it to put it out. Go take another magazine and then tap the car again. It will say "One more...". You can even have a burning magazine on the ground near the smoke detector, have an unburnt magazine in your inventory and still get the same dialogue. Oh and you can also grab another magazine even after the gate got jammed.
-*additional* not sure if the dialogue is intended but there is a dialogue of Jae saying he can't remove the bars with his bare hands at Yeon Su's cell, but the episode doesn't require a tool to remove it to proceed with the story. Rather redundant and made me confused.
-> otherwise that's all the bugs I found throughout my gameplay, was fun to figure out how to solve Episode 9