Any News?

by SeanD.R. posted Jul 13, 2018
So on their website as others have stated they actually have not only more white island but more beyond the bounds. The only problem is that is all in korean and not english. I find it annoying that its been over a year and while they actually have much more content, that they have seemed to abandoned their english fans. Now i can speak or read korean but i imagine hiring someone to translate the rest of their games shouldnt take very long. Why is it that you havent done this yet? Are you doing it but plan to release all of your additional content at once? You have over 5 aditional seasons for both games already out for your korean fans so why is it that your english fans are waiting so long? I love these games and the story but its been almost a year and the only game you update nowadays is bluestone. Please can you tell us if you have any news on the rest of your point and click story games? Thank you.