Here's some fanart for the creators and community

by Prissydixie posted Jun 27, 2016


This drawing took me about 4 hours, I used gel pens and colored pencils.

Ever since I completed episode 10, that image of Min-Jung wearing a flower crown has been stuck in my head. The whole scene was just beautiful and the art was absolutely gorgeous! Min-Jung looked so beautiful like that (may she rest in peace :,( ... )

Anyway, so i noticed that White island doesn't seem to have any fanart yet (that I know of). So I decided to make some :)
I hope you guys like it ,
This is definitely my best work yet.

Edit: I meant to put 'would' instead of 'do'
Please excuse the grammar or if the sentence sounds weird :p

I also added the 'before' picture in the case someone wanted to see what it looked like before I colored and added details