Season 3 predictions or wishlist! **SPOILERS**

by Whotisthis posted Jul 12, 2019
Hello everyone!

After finishing season 2 (finally!) I figured we could use this space to throw around what we predict or want to happen in season 3!


For me, my predictions are:

- Season 3 will be the last season of the WI game (if not second to last)
- We will find out more about Mad Hatter and her purpose
- We will find out more about Fortune Seeker's plan revolving around bringing people back to life
- Eunwa is either changed like Jina and co. or she is no longer herself (Sunny's friend reincarnated)
- And ofc the deal with Sunny and the virus potentially putting her life in danger

What I WANT to happen:

- The foursome reunion, PLEASE LET THEM ALL BE HAPPY AGAIN
- Jina redemption. I hope she comes back better than ever and DOESN'T DIE
- More Jina. At this point I'm just playing for her

The court is yours! :)