Jae the hypocrite (Fanart)

by Prissydixie posted Jul 15, 2016
Warning: episode 4 and 13 spoilers!!!!


Time taken: 8 and 1/2 hours (split over the course of 2 days)
Stuff used: pencil, sharpie pen, gel pens, and colored pencils
Note: not my best work character wise, but i tried (explained at bottom)

I finished episode 13 about 2 days ago and this comic idea has been on my mind since the scene where jae and Seo Hyun pushed Jina out of the lighthouse.
I mean he made multiple clear statements in episode 4 that he would never do anything to hurt Jina. Sure he didnt know it was her in episode 13 but still. Thr irony is funny to me.

Please disregard the outside part of the lighthouse cause i forgot what it looked like. Also disregard jina's outfit (i dont remember all the details on it. I just remember a black suit with a helmet) and the absence of the staircase. I am terrible at drawing stairs so i just gave up and didnt add them. Jae and seo hyun are forever stuck at the top of the lighthouse.
I did do my best to get the lighthouse interior correct though.

I tried to give the characters a somewhat 'chibi' look so i could save time on drawing them detailed and spend more time on the background and finishing the two comic spaces.