White Island Season 2 Discussion Board[Possible Spoilers]

by SamanthaBa posted Dec 21, 2016


Hey everyone.

I really love how season 2 is coming along and all the cliffhangers that makes me question what will happen next.

I was wondering if we could use this thread just to discuss each episode and how people interpret the endings/what some people know based on having early episode access.

If you include spoilers, please give a head's up before revealing the spoilers since some may want to do the story first and see for themselves.

Also, I feel like it may be better to have a thread where one person could post a walkthrough if anyone is stuck on a certain scene. :-)


I'll start off with topic: Episode 3 Straitjacket

The ending kinda surprised me, but at the same time it didn't. I had a feeling that Eunhwa and Hyuntae were lab rats or something along those lines to receive such special treatment in the hospital by Fortune Seeker since, given how season 1 was like, Fortune Seeker wouldn't go out of their way to do something so kindly unless it has some sort of benefit to the company's research. 

I just wonder who the guy in straitjacket's name is and how he managed to free himself. 

It's quite sad that those two are orphans now because of the car accident. I am not surprised that Fortune Seeker went out of their way to kill their parents to obtain them...it's just messed up overall lol.