Season 2 pre-release Fanart

by Prissydixie posted Jul 12, 2016


Time taken: about 3 and 1/2 hours
Stuff used: pencils, colored pencils, sharpie pen, and gel pens
Note: omg the creators are drawing pros because Seo Hyun is sooooooo difficult to draw! Hope she looks ok to you guys. The pendant was the 2nd most difficult thing to draw (circles are apparently not my specialty.)

I did put 'White Island 2 'instead of 'Season 2'. Half of the reason why is because of space. The other half of the reason is because it doesnt really matter. It meams the same thing.

In the preview we saw of Ji Hoon, the lighting didnt show much of what color his clothing was. So i just assumed he had a white jacket (with the visual shower logo on the side?) and a greyish green shirt.

Eyes arent my specialty either. (i apologize that seo hyun's eyes may look weird. )

After drawing my first W.I. fanart i wanted to make more. I just couldnt decide on what to draw though. When the date for season 2's release was revealed, i figured i'd make a pre-release fanart of sorts. Hence this post.

And now for the story of Ji Hoon's almost smoke purple hair:
So i had just finished drawing ji hoon and was ready to start coloring him in. I grabbed what looked like a black colored pencil and started on his hair. It took me about five seconds to realize that i had colored half of his hair purple. (insert face palm)
Life lesson: Always check the labels on colored pencils