Alright Visual Shower— Please Be Open

by SamanthaBa posted Feb 23, 2022
It’s been quite a while now and I believe those who still routinely watch the threads and have been dedicated fans willing to see this come back to life deserve an answer instead of vagueness and is willing to help with translations, crowdfunding, or whatever.

There’s still a discord of supporters since Discord is the popular way to inform of games and outreach (here is link to it, I made it) and we can easily get people joining and crowdfund if needed.

I want to see this game to completion and the reorganization is inefficient and messy. And to pay to play is also a bad move. Please hear us out sincerely in our pleas to watch and not “at this time we are working on” when we believe that to no longer be true when website hasn’t been updated since 2011.

It’s 2022. Somethings got to give.