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    Hey everyone.

    I really love how season 2 is coming along and all the cliffhangers that makes me question what will happen next.

    I was wondering if we could use this thread just to discuss each episode and how people interpret the endings/what some people know based on having early episode access.

    If you include spoilers, please give a head's up before revealing the spoilers since some may want to do the story first and see for themselves.

    Also, I feel like it may be better to have a thread where one person could post a walkthrough if anyone is stuck on a certain scene. :-)


    I'll start off with topic: Episode 3 Straitjacket

    The ending kinda surprised me, but at the same time it didn't. I had a feeling that Eunhwa and Hyuntae were lab rats or something along those lines to receive such special treatment in the hospital by Fortune Seeker since, given how season 1 was like, Fortune Seeker wouldn't go out of their way to do something so kindly unless it has some sort of benefit to the company's research. 

    I just wonder who the guy in straitjacket's name is and how he managed to free himself. 

    It's quite sad that those two are orphans now because of the car accident. I am not surprised that Fortune Seeker went out of their way to kill their parents to obtain's just messed up overall lol.


    • RoxieNemes 2016.12.22 00:11
      I feel the same way as well. I am very curious to see how this new character will put more light on what Fortune Seeker is up to now and how their diabolical plans have developed.
    • DaniloOnof 2016.12.23 04:39
      I don't know how the straitjacket guy freed himself but im sure he is JinHoon, they kinda look alike so that's my guess
    • Whotisthis 2016.12.24 03:13
      Love the idea of walkthrough threads! Awesome idea.

      We could also create threads for certain characters we would like to discuss, if anyone's interested.

      But to talk about the episodes, I definitely agree with Dani. I think the straight jacket guy is Jin Hoon. I haven't played episode 3 yet (it's loading rn, so excited!) But I could guess from the images. I wonder what will happen once he and Jina meet!
    • SamanthaBa 2016.12.27 18:34
      You're right!it does look like him!However...the white streak in the hair though
    • SamanthaBa 2016.12.27 18:35
      Plus . Jin Hoon wore glasses
    • Whotisthis 2016.12.28 02:02
      Having played episode 3 (AT LAST) I still say it's possible the guy is Jin Hoon.

      The white in his hair and the lack of glasses could be a result of all the experiments done on him. White hair is a common result of stress afterall. And remember that he's had the vaccine that supposedly reconstructs damaged tissue and nerves. Maybe that fixed/affected his eyesight?

      Or maybe they misplaced his glasses and this whole time he's been blind as a bat--- + 7 + );
    • DaniloOnof 2016.12.28 04:03
      So, after i saw this thread i started to dieing of curiosity so i went to finish chapter 3 and 4 haha.


      the straitjacket it is really JiHoon as we guessed, that can be revealed in chapter 4 if you check his data on the pad near where eunhwa is lying down, also he will talk about how he need to find SeoHyun. I thought we would see a meet between him and Jina but that is interupt by Eugene since she show her true colors and the chapter ends. Anywho, we will have to say our goodbyes to Hyuntae, no way he could survive that (and i was just starting to like the guy). Chapter 5 and on we probably playing as JinHoon again or maybe as Eunhwa. Cant wait to see how everything it will unfold.


      So if you finished chapter 4 and read this tell me what you think :)
    • Whotisthis 2016.12.31 04:05
      Won't be able to play chapter 4 until they release it since I don't have manda, unfortunately. :(

      But one interesting thing I thought of when I played ch. 3:


      Jina mentioned that she's been studying Fortune Seeker for 5 years. Does that mean it's been 5 years since the events of season 1? Or does she mean 5 years since she got rescued by Shade? It'd be interesting to put a time-line on the events going on throughout the story. I'm guessing that would put Jin Hoon and co at around 25-to-maybe-28 years of age now?

      Any thoughts?

    • Ironking 2016.12.31 12:20
      I don't understand who Shade is.
      Can someone tell me? I've played chapter 4 already
    • Suspenders 2017.01.02 17:33
      First: I'm not really sure, but I think Shade is an anti-Fortune Seeker, possibly terrorist, organization. It's obvious that Jina is the head of this group because Fortune Seeker did terrible things to her.
      Which leads me to my question. WHAT HAPPENED TO JINA AND JIHOON? (and the rest of the gang as well) What did Fortune Seeker do to them? Any speculations?
    • Ironking 2017.01.05 13:17
      Thank you :)
    • SenaCeren 2017.01.03 01:30
      Spoiler (ep4. Gray dawn)

      I just finished the episode and literally cannot belive Hyuntae got stabbed. I mean i never trusted eugene but didnt think that she would actually kill Hyuntae or Eunhwa. When straitjacket is revealed to be ji hoon, i got really surprised, he doesnt look like s1. And when i gave him CO2, i really didnt want to. Ah, he was looking so miserable and sad, still remembering the name of Seo Hyun, trying to find her.(i really hate her btw) I actually thought he will see jina and remember something and got really disappointed to see them not to meet.
      By the way jina was stabbed in the neck too and survived ( i know its like impossible in real life) so maybe HyunTae can too.
      And last of all, i am really curious about next episodes protagonist, i guess its gonna be eugene or eunhwa but i really want it to be jae or jina.
      This episode was really good, i enjoyed every second of it^^

      Spoiler end (ep4. Gray dawn)
    • DaniloOnof 2017.01.04 13:13
      ~Spoiler from season 1 below~

      Yeah, shade is an anti-fortune seeker organization, not so sure if terrorists would be the right term for them though, and i dont think Jina is the head because she was actually rescued by Shade members after the events in season 1(aside chapter 13 which it is already some years after the events in white island and there Jina itself say that she was trapped in a fortune seeker lab until rescued by shade and then deciding to join them). Well i have two theories on how Jina survived. First: Kim Seo and Seo Hyun were actually acting together since chapter 1, knewing it was her friends, Kim Seo just trying to rout them out and not actually killing them, so he hit Jina in a non killing spot. Second: at the end in chapter 8, Seo Hyun reappears on the island even after Ji Hoon send her away in a boat. Her and some researchers starts to do some cleaning on the island and when Jina was found, she gave her a vaccine Or maybe the experiments on her being exposed to the flowers make her live lol

      Also, something that worth mentioning is that Jina lost her memory.
      EDIT: Jina actually recovers her memory whrn shr e is falling off from the lighthouse in chapter 13.

      ~spoiler from season 2 chapter 4 below~

      Now in Hyuntae case, i dont see anyone around that would willing to help him, unless he poor sister that is laying in a bed. Ji Hoon will wake up right at his side, but not sure if he has reason to care about someone who just try to beat him down lol

      ~spoiler end~
    • Ega1 2017.01.06 00:52
      I complete ep 5. Nice reunion of ji hoon, jina and so hyun. I wonder if captain seo is another member of white island 1...
    • ovsja 2017.01.06 01:16
      Okay, I've finished a new episode and I want to share my thoughts about it.

      First of all, I'm really happy Hyuntae is alive and he finally united with Jina! I hated early episodes, because I didn't want to fight against her.
      Then Seohyun finally appeared. She confessed she knew Fortune Seeker ran experiments on Jihoon but didn't save him. This makes her really repellent but at least she seems to feel ashamed and guilty to the point where she's afraid to meet Jihoon again and asks Hyuntae for a favour.
      On the other side of the barricade we meet Captain Seo who seems to be Kim Seo from the 1st season.
      When Hyuntae and Jina reach the elevator Seohyun appears. I didn't expect that to be the first meeting of Season 1 main characters. I hoped Jina and Jihoon would meet first but it seems Jihoon had managed to escape from the Sterilization room before Shade came. It's a pity we didn't see much of Jina and Seohyun's interaction but I think that scene is to be shown later.
      I like the moment where Jihoon kills Kyungah and there are like 4 same options :D
      Anyway, there is no way Eunhwa will survive and it's a pity but I think her death is a necessary force for Hyuntae to fight against Fortune Seeker.
      At the end of the episode we see two people talking in front of Eunhwa's corpse and I believe they are Seohyun and Doctor Ahn.
      I think the narrator for the next episode will be switched and it probably will be Jina or Jihoon.
      All the Season 1 main characters (both good and bad) showed up except for Jae and Sunny so I'm anticipating their appearance.
    • DaniloOnof 2017.01.06 05:06
      I agree with everything you said, chapter 5 was really amazing, im just having the feeling that the episodes have been ending fast and easier puzzles in season 2 lol, everything happened so fast wish we had more dialogues at least xD, but was still fun to play and watch the happenings in chapter 5. Im sharing my thoughts about this new chapter below.


      Before playing it chapter 5, i thought it would be otherwise, hyuntae died, and eunhwa would want to join shade and escape with jina and jihoon. I really feel bad for her "death"(quoted because by the dialogues of seo hyun and her father make me think like they will be able bring her back for some odd reason) but i agree that was necessary to make hyuntae fight against fortune seeker, but in a last thought now her death would be antecipated by hyuntae dream in the prologue. Jina meeting with Seo Hyun was something! Their faces staring each other omg xD, My guess is that some epic battle between two womans happened there xD but with Jina losing, since im assuming seo hyun is one of the persons standing by eunhwa corpse, Jina probably made her way out of that hospital somehow or it is being held as a prisoner again idk. That last part giving us 4 "kill her" as options was awesome lol i wanted to kill tha b**** so bad but for instance i thought it would us making a choice like the glass or the hairpin, gladly the only option was to kill :D

      Now only if Jina get her revenge on Kim Seo it would be already a happy ending to me lol

      I really want Jae and Sunny to show up soon, they are my fav characters xD, and we dont have much clue from what they are doing after these years maybe they teaming up with that mad hatter person? Cant see them as shade or fortune seekers allies lol.

      Any thoughts?

    • KazeSama 2017.01.06 07:44

      aaaaah, this chapter was amazing!! Alot of things happened and it was over too fast!!
      It seems to me that s2 has much shorter episodes to finish than s1...
      I just finished 4 episodes in one hour...
      Im so glad hyuntae killed that b*tch, the 4 options to kill her was amazing, it didnt let the player have mercy on her and that was great!!
      I dont think they will bring eunhwa back to life.. cuz the director took her heart..
      Also, if assumming that the ones standing near eunhwa's body really were seohyun and her father, then i guess seohyun killed jina or they made some sort of agreement.. that or jina just survived somehow..
      I hope she did cuz i really love her character now.
      Im really curious as what happened to sunny and jae?? We saw jae at s1 episode 13 but where did he go after that and why was he with seohyun?
      I assume that after meeting sunny he understands what fortune seeker is and i dont think he will side with them..
      What i want now is for jae and jihoon to meet!! Or maybe a reunion with all of the characters from s1? Would be nice. I also want to know what happened between jina and seohyun aaaa
      I think next chapter will still be from hyuntae's view point, and if not then from seohyun's..
      Looking forward to it!!

      ***END OF SPOILERS***
    • SamanthaBa 2017.01.06 11:44

      It's really sad about Eunhwa...I hate KyungAh. Why KyungAh took all her organs out
    • Ega1 2017.01.06 22:42
      Her organ can make people immortal like hyuntae if its transplate to other kyung ah need to take out her organs
    • Whotisthis 2017.01.11 05:53
      OH! One thing I've been thinking about! (For those of us who haven't played past episode 3)

      Thoughts on Eugene? She definitely knows more than she lets on about the secret lab. But I can't decide if she's a foe quite yet... she's for sure suspicious, though.
    • Whotisthis 2017.01.16 00:42


      I just played chapter 4 and hooooooly cow


      I was right about Eugene. But god, poor Ji Hoon. q _____ q )!! Going through all those atrocities while still retaining that memory of Seo Hyun. When Hyuntae used the CO2 gas on everyone, I panicked because enough of it can kill you hahaha.

      In any case, the thought of a Ji Hoon and Jina tag-team against FS sounds more and more appealing. Two lab rats collaborating together! Noice! I wonder if it'll happen!

      ***END OF SPOILERS***

      Looking forward to episode 5! <3
    • Funkycucumber 2017.01.21 13:16
      Great idea for such a thread! We should have one for season 1 as well to recap the whole story..I started playing early and now I just cannot rmb what happened to jae and sunny in the end..
    • VSpang 2017.01.23 14:05
      You should start a new thread!
    • SamanthaBa 2017.01.27 06:43
      Thanks! I'll do one for season 1
    • SamanthaBa 2017.01.27 06:52
      I just made a thread for season 1 ! Check it out
    • Whotisthis 2017.02.12 14:15


      EPISODE 5


      I have no words, wow


      THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL. Don't get me wrong. I was soooo so sad about Eunhwa! q _____ q ) When we come upon her corpse and the dialogue and everything... it was so heart-wrenching uuugghh poor Hyuntae!

      I'm really glad we ran up to Seo Hyun. She still cares so much for Ji Hoon, and vice versa! Ugh, you two are too much!

      And I loved that Hyuntae basically teamed up with both Jina and Ji Hoon in this episode. Maybe Ji Hoon will join Shade as well? They'd be a great trio working against FS omg...

      ***END OF SPOILERS***

      Great job on the episode. It was phenomenal work. This episode contains everything that made me love WI. Keep up the good work guys! Looking forward to the next one!

      PS: Now all I need is to see Jae and Sunny again and my life is complete ohoho
    • SenaCeren 2017.02.16 20:50
      ----Spoiler missing cargo------

      Aaa I'm so happy to see Jae again!! And who or what was that woman? How strong is she to carry a truck by herself and throwing all of those rocks without effort? I felt sad about the guy she killed, even though we never got a chance to talk to him. And how didn't she die after falling all of this height. I dont like sunny but it was nice to see her again too.
      Is it just me or are episodes getting shorter and shorter... It was an amazing and exciteful episode and im looking forward for the next ep.

      ---------spoiler end missing cargo----------
    • Whotisthis 2017.04.10 04:45
      ----------- MISSING CARGO SPOILERS BELOW ----------------------

      I'm really really happy that we finally got to see Jae and Sunny again, you have no idea! Sunny looks GORGEOUS. Wish we'd seen a closeup of Jae as well, but he looks great too. I miss his beanie though, haha!

      Holy crap though, Captain Na is a BEAST! You can tell she has a few screws loose, while still being terrifying. Like Sena mentioned above, she could lift an actual truck. Well. Hold it in place to keep it from teetering into the abyss but still?!

      This demands a Na and Jina showdown. I don't make the rules.

      In any case, that last scene where Jae has to confront her about his identity freaked me out. That cliffhanger was sooo unfair! PRAYER CIRCLE FOR JAE'S SURVIVAL.

      Can't wait for more. This game is great.

      ---------------------- END OF SPOILERS ----------------------------

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