[Event] 3 Days Free Play~ Global Launch 1 Year Anniversary Thank You Event!

by VSpang posted Nov 25, 2016



Dear White Island users,


Thanks to all our supportive fans, White Island global service has been able to reach its 1-year mark!


As you already know, White Island is a game that is updated episodically. Although it may have taken some time to get used to our unique game system, we’d like to THANK YOU for leaving reviews, providing us feedback, and cheering us on! (More importantly, thanks for being patient with our game development time)


White Island is now played in the US, Korea, Japan, China, Russia, Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and many other countries. It’s so touching to see people from all over the world talking about Ji-Hoon, Jina, and the other characters.


20161124_글로벌 리뷰.png



We promise to work even harder and apply your feedback to provide you with high quality episodes! Although we’re not quite at the top yet, we’re working to become the best game ever. Thank you to all our fans for supporting VisualShower and White Island!!!






★ As a thank you and celebration of our global launch 1 year anniversary, we are holding a “3 Days Free Play” Event ★


[Event Info]

The following episodes are available for FREE PLAY for 3 days:

-White Island Season 1 (ALL)

-White Island Season 2 (Ep 1)


[Event Period]

Friday, Nov. 25 (3:30am EST) ~ Sunday, Nov. 27(8pm EST)


Don’t miss out on this opportunity! FREE PLAY for everyone~

Thank you


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