Fortune Seeker's February Reward!

by BlackRose posted Feb 19, 2016

Hi Everyone!

This is Black Rose. Stay tuned for the Fortune Seeker's February Limited Time Prize Event II!


Purchase coins and receive “Fortune Seeker’s February Reward!”

[Fortune Seeker’s January Rewards]
Users who have purchased all coins within the given period, will be receiving 20 focus lenses!

[Event Period]
Feb. 19th (Fri) 09:00 ~ 22nd (Mon) 08:59 (GMT)
Feb. 19th (Fri) 04:00 ~ 22nd (Mon) 03:59 (EST)
Feb. 19th (Fri) 01:00 ~ 22nd (Mon) 00:59 (PST)

[Regarding the Reward Information]
-Rewards will be sent via game message within 7 business days of the event’s closing. 
- If you purchase the coins more than once (or on duplicate purchases) you will still receive the Reward for each purchase.
-The Rewards are awarded only for purchases made during the event.

Thank You!