[Winner Announcement] VisualShower Hoodie with a long fancy description Event Prize I.

by BlackRose posted Feb 19, 2016


Hello Everyone,

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our VisualShower Hoodie Prize Event I during the period [Jan/30 to Feb/01]. For those who have won congratulations! For those who haven’t won in this event, don’t worry you’ll have another chance to win in our next event coming up. Stay tuned for our next event coming soon!

1 Thorman2
2 ACkk
3 kula
4 雷ブラシ
5 两杯啤酒
6 Jokerknife
7 oni547zr
8 ナメクジ
9 asurada77
10 鈴蘭

Prizes are awarded using a random drawing, which is conducted by the Administrator. Winners are notified via email of their winnings. Also, winners must respond with shipping information and phone number to claim the prize.

[Information for Winners]
1. Please sign up an email account for us to contact you about the shipping information.
2. The VS Hoodie will be shipped out as soon as the winner’s Shipping/Size information has been received.
3. The Shipping/Size information will be requested to the email address you have registered. Please reply back with the details to claim your prize. 
4. Your personal information will be used for prize fulfillment only and for no other use or intention.
5. We cannot guarantee the exact delivery time, postal services may face delay due to unexpected situations.

We hope that you have enjoyed the participation in our event and will continue participating in future as well.
Thank you for participating in the event.

VisualShower Customer Support Team.