[Limited Time Prize] VisualShower Hoodie with a long fancy description!

by BlackRose posted Jan 30, 2016


Hello everyone!

Has anyone found the VisualShower T-Shirt on the White Island?
The T-shirt was shown a couple times in the game.
It's very rare, and came out as a 'Limited Edition.'
Now, I’m going to share some great news with you guys!
The rare VisualShower T-shirt I mentioned above is being launched again in Feb. 2016.
It's coming back as a Limited Edition, and with a newer look!!
The previous one was just a T-shirt, but this time it’s a zip-up hoodie.
Anyone who's been waiting to purchase the Limited Edition VisualShower Hoodie,
you can get it during the event period below!

[Event Period]
Jan. 30th 15:00~Feb. 1st 14:59(GMT)
Jan. 30th 10:00~Feb. 1st 09:59(EST)
Jan. 30th 07:00~Feb. 1st 06:59(PST)

[How to participate]
1. Click on the events page. [Click]
2. Click on [Enter the Event] to participate in the Visual Shower Hoodie Event. Or, you can also choose the option of [Purchase with Coins].

[Winner Announcement]
1. We will send out a notification message to the winner on Friday, Feb.19th, 2016.
2. We will randomly draw the winners’ names from the participants who have entered the event.

1. Winner announcement, gathering shipping information and shipping out the item could take a couple more days.
2. The 10 people who are selected for the prize will be contacted individually for size and shipping information.
3. To participate in the event, you have to log in, and only one entry per account is permitted.
4. Even if you choose to purchase the hoodie with coins, shipping will proceed after announcing the winners from the event.

Thank you, and we hope everyone continues to enjoy playing The White Island! :)