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[Notice] Episode 11: "Germination" Early Access Update   [22]

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    Hello everyone, Natara here. 
    We're proud to present White Island Season 2 Episode 11 "Germination", now available for Early Access

    It will be available at 17:30 on December 29 (GMT+9) today. 


    Please let us know what you think and give us any feedback during the Early Access period!

    We are working hard on the next episode “Dead Bird” so we hope for your interest in episode 12. Anyway, please enjoy the 11th episode!


    Thank you!


    • pantamorph 2017.12.30 09:47
      Can I get a hint for the prison door? (the one with Myung's message). Can't seem to figure out the code
    • Lilypadkero 2017.12.30 20:54
      The password is in morse code.
    • SunnyYung 2017.12.31 08:00
    • AndySam1 2017.12.30 23:07
      What is the sequence for waking up jisun?
    • SunnyYung 2017.12.31 08:02
      hello if you still need help there ya go

      Step 1:DH,HK

      Step 2:CJ,KK

      Step 3:DH,CJ
      i hope i helped you, bye bye ❤
    • Newbie_9647293929010 2017.12.31 14:48
      I can't wait for next episode when will it be in early access
    • NemikoM 2017.12.31 20:11
      is there an official update for episode 10
    • Natara 2018.01.03 03:48
      Hello not yet but we will announce it on our homepage once we do. Thanks!
    • Guest_6498650824651 2018.01.04 14:04
      Does anyone know when ep.12 will be out ?
    • kristyknap 2018.01.06 22:20
      Im stuck in the room with jisun, and i cant back out of the room. Jisun is awake already, but i cant leave that small room. I need some help.
    • Senevir 2018.01.08 09:34
      I'm having the same issue as above.
      Everything is done, but I can't leave the room. I was wondering if I was doing anything wrong, and noticed a video for the episode online. In it, there is clearly more floor space than what I have available on my screen. The action window is covering the rest, and so I can't select to leave.

      Maybe it's some kind of resolution conflict with the device. I'm using a Galaxy Tab A, Android version 7.1.1
      Perhaps even an option to change the size of the action window/bar would avoid these conflicts in future.
      Please pass this feedback on and fix this soon - I've been dying to play this episode. >_<
    • Natara 2018.01.08 20:47
      I believe you have to try talking with Ji Sun again.
    • Senevir 2018.01.11 08:24
      That's not the issue. It really is some resolution problem. If I could post a screenshot, you would notice that some of the game's image is missing from the top and bottom of the picture.
      There is not enough area to click to leave the room, since I'm only seeing the very top of the glow from the doors behind me.
      This is not the only game this has happened to me in. A certain Japanese company's games also have this issue on this device, but I've made it this far in White Island since the very first episode of the first season.... this has to be a recent issue.

      Edit: I created a thread to demonstrate this issue. A screenshot is attached.
    • Foxalony1- 2018.02.06 23:36
      12 episode dead bird. What day or week. But hard work one month , 2 weeks or 3 weeks.
    • JamieHuggi 2018.02.23 15:39
      Why is episode 10 still not available???
    • Natara 2018.02.27 05:59
      Hello, official release dates will be announced soon on this homepage. Sorry to keep you all waiting! Thank you.
    • roseflower 2018.03.03 14:35
      when will epi12 dead bird release ?
    • Pluplutia 2018.03.03 20:36
      But germination still in a kind of early access isn't it? Because it seems to be out of musics. There is a lot of "muted" parts where we were only hearing our steps in each movements. So I guess in my hypothesis, if sounds tracks aren't fully added yet, they won't release the Dead Bird Ep12 S2 early access. ;)
    • NinjaGirl 2018.03.04 23:13
      Hi Visual Shower,

      I love this game and have been trying to wait patiently for episode 12 but its March already...any idea when the early access version will even become available? Please post an update schedule soon. Thanks
    • VenusAndre 2018.03.07 08:46
      Hello, so far I'm loving the episode but I believe I have reached my game in a blocked state. I saved my data on the anesthetic scene with the drugs but during that time I had already two drugs in my tube which are clearly wrong. That causes my game to game over since I cannot find a way to empty the drugs other than the machine which causes the woman's death and when I load the game again, it's with the drugs still in the tube. Any way to get past this without having to restart the whole episode again?
    • Natara 2018.03.07 23:28
      You can save data as you’re playing. Any time in the middle of the episode, tap the button in the top left corner. You will be redirected to the Home Screen. Choose Data > Save > Data 0. Then press the X on the top right, and you will be redirected back to the game, where you left off. In order to load the game, from the Home Screen to go Data >Load.
    • Natara 2018.03.07 23:22
      Hello roseflower and NinjaGirl, we appreciate that you are looking forward to the next episode "Dead Bird!"
      We are currently readying the global release and official dates would be released here. Thank you for your patience!

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