[Notification] Information about user account levels

by VSpang posted Aug 20, 2016

Dear Users,



We want to provide a notice regarding the user EXP. function that was updated on Aug 10th.


This level is common to all games played with the VisualShower account. Currently you can verify this in the profile section of the community website or your my profile page within the application.


Especially when posting on our community website, the posters profile and EXP. level will be displayed together so you'll be able to know the poster's VisualShower EXP. level.

Now let's explore what activities will actually boost your level.


#How do you get EXP. and by how much?

How to obtain EXP
Invite Friends         5
Refer a Friend   10
Get a Referral     5
Share "Episode Clear" for Officially Released Episodes   5
Share "Episode Clear" for Episodes on Early Access 10
Purchase Officially Released Episodes     50
Purchase Episodes on Early Access   60
Purchase Focus Lense       10
Purchase Season Pass     700
Write Tips 5
Write Feedback 1


#When do you get a level up?

- The levels are separated by pre-determined EXP. points, and if you accumulate enough, you will get upgraded to the next level.

-The highest level currently is Lv.25 and there will be continuous changes pertaining to this.


#Please Note

- Exp. points are accumulated by activities within all games serviced by VisualShower and will be reflected on your VisualShower account.

- If you accumulate more than what is required for max level 25, your level will still display as Lv.25 and your excess points will be applied when we expand the maximum level.


We'll be releasing a feature shortly that lets you gain points when you post on our website so please take full advantage of this!.


Please send us an email for any additional information and we will provide you with an answer as soon as possible.


Thank you.