[Notice] Episode 12 Early Access and Season Pass User Compensation

by Natara posted Mar 20, 2018

Hello, it's Natara. 




The last episode of White Island's Season 2,  Episode 12, "Dead Bird," has been updated for early access.


The precious feedback we receive from users, will be reflected in the official episode.


Finally, the story of White Island Season 2 has come to an end.


Many of you might have wondered about the conclusion of Season 2, especially users who bought the season pass earlier have been watching for so long.
But above all circumstances,  we truly apologize for the long wait, and we know that many of you have waited with us more than necessary.
With this in mind, we would like to present a small gift to the users who purchased the season 2 pass long ago.
We know this isn't enough as a reward for waiting, but we hope that our hearts will be conveyed to you a little bit this way.
The detailed reward list is as follows.
<Compensation List>
 - End of Season 2 Celebration limited-badge for Homepage
 - 30 Manda (Can be shared with all VS projects)
 - Additional payment of 'Blustone: Sunny'

**The rewards are only for users who purchased Season Pass 2 before February 22nd (Thursday) 22:00 (GMT+9).
**Please note that users who purchased Season Pass 2 after February 22nd (Thursday) 22:00 (GMT+9) will be paid just 'Sunny' to Blustone.

 <Compensation Receiving Method>
1. Go to EVENT LINK 
2. Enter your account nickname or email address that is linked to White Island and Blustone
3. Collect Sunny and 30 Manda from Special Supplies in Blustone 
**End of Season 2 Celebration limited-badge will take a little time to distribute, so we will be able to a make an announcement again in the future after we have confirmed a time.


Also, we are internally discussing the official release of the episodes, including episode 12, and we will be able to notify everyone when there is further confirmation.
Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has been with us until the end of White Island Season 2.
Thank you.