Season 2 Episode 12, Season finale review

by Re4v3r posted Mar 23, 2018
NOTE: This review is purely composed out of my personal opinion.

Compared to Season 1, Season 2 truly picked up the pace when it came to action and tension. In Season 1 you were in the unknown and had to discover the mystery of White Island, most of that mystery is gone in Season 2 because you are familiar with the setting and characters.

The tension is definetly palpable and there are many unexpected yet well timed plot and character twists. I've truly enjoyed Season 2 and what it offered in terms of story, new characters and explorable enviroment. My only wish was that Season 1 should have retained the "secret ending" and that it would have branched out into Season 2 as well. But that doesn't effect how I feel about the game overall.

Episode 12 was longer compared to the previous episodes and had a few surprising and deeply emotional moments towards the end. Despite what Mad Hatter tells you there is no secret or bad end in this episode unlike in Season 1 (where Sunny becomes a test subject alongside Jae and Ji Hon). Fortunately there are no bugs on how you decide to move around (ex: help Ji Hon before talking to Jina, or vice-versa) as to get stuck in an area and be unable to progress further. Because it is in early access there are a few glitches regarding animations, unpolished art design, low quality textures and a few rare music cut offs; judge it with an open mind.
Story-wise the episode offers further "flesh" to the White Terror virus, its effects on people and how to survive/handle it. More information about Shade is revealed, sadly it's given a poor heirarchy with no real leader and is composed out of "gangs" that just destroy anything related to Fortune Seeker's businesses; thus making Shade look more like a nuisance than an actual threat to Fortune Seeker. The Mad Hatter is still a wildcard in the story but her connection to Fortune Seeker is given some light based on Jae's assumption that Seo Hyun's father send the vaccine in the first place.
The relationship between Jae and Sunny can now be considered as being romantic, as Sunny hinted her jealousy of Jae being around other girls and his willingness to help Jina during the season's episodes.
The friendship between Jae and Ji Hoon is still standing though it is uncertain if Ji Hoon will stand with Jae should push comes to shove or he has to choose between Seo Hyun and his friend.
Based on the ending of the episode the story isn't over just yet. There still are unanswered questions related to the pursuit of immortality, the ressurection of Eunhwa, the Mad Hatter's end goal, etc. A new season should follow up, unless the final cut scene was a teaser and the rest of the story is left to the viewer's imagination if she lives on or dies (Mad Hatter mentioned possible side effects from the vaccine, Sunny had two doses injected in her plus two more doses of the virus that made her nearly feral, not to mention that she has a natural immunity to the virus that ravaged White Island).
The only thing that bothers me in this episode is how easily Jae trusted Mad Hatter and praised the gifts he got from her. I expected him to be cautious and slightly hesitant given his recent experience.

Overall it was an amazing journey that I enjoyed to the fullest. I grade Season 2 with a 9/10 and look forward to future content.