White Island Wikia

by gui_258 posted Jun 03, 2019

Hello everyone, I've been playing this game for a very long time (since 2015 I think) and I love its story but sometimes I forget what happened in some time of the game or who some character was or just want to see if I didn't see some information the game gave through the dialogues so I came up with the idea of a wikia and went to see if there is any when I found this one. There isn't much (almost nothing) on this wikia but it is a beginning, is it allowed by VisualShower to run a wikia (have already seen many IP problems so better ask first)? If it is ok to run a wikia I might start contributing in there somehow.

Update: have decided to create one myself since that other one was very abandoned (discovered it was created long ago) and then it'll be better to administrate a newer one, I have updated the link up there.