Episode 13- Early Access [COMPLETED]

by VuvuD posted Apr 29, 2016
First off, lemme start by saying this. HOLY SMOKES! When I saw that the episode finally released I immediately bought it, because waiting any longer would have driven me insane!

-warning, spoilers below-

Now, unlike previous episodes where we played as one of the characters we met during the first episode, this time we play as SHADE -enemy of Fortune Seeker. It's interesting to see the change of perspective. The puzzles in this episode are, in my opinion, a lot harder. I mean, I've died before in other episodes but I think I died around 10-15 times whilst playing this one. Not complaining though! It was fun seeing the different death screens and knowing my mistakes. So along with Seo-Hyun, we see Jae again!! Again, escaping from those two was a bit tricky but I managed in the end. Throughout the episode 'Ash' keot experiencing flashbacks... I began forming a theory as to who Ash truly is. I was so so sure of who their true identity was, but I was proved wrong right at the end! When Ash finally takes off their helmet, it reveals to be Jina! I really thought it would be Ji-Hoon though. But then, the episode surprised me by the ending, where Ji-Hoon appears for a few seconds! *cue screams*

All in all, this episode was worth the wait. The plot thickened further and the gameplay itself was fun as always. I really hope there will be a 14th episode! Because there are so many unanswered questions and gaps in the story that need to be filled. Thank you so much Visual Showers for the awesome update!