[Announcement] Regarding Reorganization of the Currency

by BlackRose posted Apr 25, 2016


Hello there!

At the moment, VisualShower uses ‘Coin’ as a common term for the currency within all its games. This letter is to announce that the name of the currency will change from Coin to something different upon release of White Island (Ver (By next week, it’s expected to be updated for the Apple App Store as well. Sorry about the delay.)

The name of the new currency is 'Manda', originating from ‘mandarin orange’. As the name suggests, Manda are gorgeous multi-colored orange gems that emit a stunning aura. You can use Manda in all VisualShower games.

The purpose of the changeover is to highlight the differences in our newly released games while establishing a new and improved form of currency. The value of the purchased currency is equal between Coins and Mandas; however, Manda better harmonizes with the various world views of our games. (Above all, we wanted Manda to look prettier than the Coins! J)

At the time of the expected update, the current Coins will be replaced with Manda at a 1:1 ratio (including all previously attained free Coins). You will be able to use Manda in BTB, and all other VisualShower services.

We’d like to offer a sincere apology for causing any confusion to those who are familiar with the current image of the Coin.

Please continue to enjoy VisualShower games with the new Manda!

Thank you.