[Notice] How to Earn Manda

by VSpang posted Jan 23, 2017

What is Manda?

It’s the game currency used in VisualShower games. Manda can be shared between your VisualShower game accounts if they are linked. (For example: if you purchase 33 Manda from White Island, you will also have 33 Manda in your linked BTB account.)


What do you do with Manda?

You can use Manda to play Early Access of episodes, or when you don’t want to wait for an episode to unlock. You can also buy a season pass, focus lenses for hints, and cave tickets that save you lots of time!


Now, we’ll let you know how to earn some of these precious Manda!!



1) Invite Friends on Facebook & Weibo

-Invite up to 30 friends and get 5 Manda!

-Invite 1 friend: 1 Manda

-Invite 6 friends: 1 additional Manda

-Invite 16 friends: 1 additional Manda

-Invite 30 friends: 2 additional Manda


*Method: Community > SNS invite a friend



2) Share Cleared Episodes on Facebook

-First share: 3 Manda

-Additional shares: 2 Manda


*Method: Season Selection > Click “Share” on the top right of a cleared episode



3) Receive PV Friend Recommendation

-Receive 10 recommendations and get 20 Manda!

-1 recommendation: 2 Manda

-3 recommendations: Additional 3 Manda

-5 recommendations: Additional 5 Manda

-10 recommendations: Additional 10 Manda + “WhiteIsland Survivor” user symbol


*Method: Community > Manage Friends > Friend Request > Accept incoming recommendations


<Recommender Conditions to Receive Manda>

-You can only recommend a friend once

-You can only recommend a friend within 2 weeks of creating an account

-You can only recommend a friend after you’ve cleared the “Prologue” of any season



4) Participate in Events

-Participate in a variety of events that are held about once a month to receive Manda or gift certificates!


*Method: Community > Forums > Event